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StarLab SHARE – Have StarLab come to you!

Do you have an interest in introducing your students to the big ideas surrounding our solar system in an interactive fashion without leaving the confines of planet Earth? Are you looking for an innovative and immersive teaching and learning environment where quality educational programming is presented by a certified StarLab trainer?

We have a solution for you – StarLab SHARE!

With StarLab Share, you will have the opportunity to experience astronomy content delivered by a certified teacher, who understands the need to not only capture students’ attention, but also deliver concepts that meet curricula constraints.  In addition, teachers and administrators will have the chance to preview the ease of use and portability of a complete digital StarLab system before making a future commitment to buy.

StarLab Share includes a complete digital StarLab system plus a StarLab certified trainer onsite to deliver and facilitate programming within the dome during the duration of the program.  StarLab Share is available for a minimum of a three-day period within the continental United States.  Programming of up to five sessions per day at approximately 45 minutes per session from a total of thirteen available presentations may be selected.

You don’t have to do any of the work! We come to you! Want more information? Download the PDF below to find out more, or submit a form and one of our StarLab representatives will contact you.


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