One of The Best
Field Trips Ever

Without Leaving The Gym

StarLab Portable Planetarium

Easy to Execute

StarLab arrives with pre-planned curriculum, written by teachers and compliant with standards in your state.

More Affordable Than You Think

We want every student to experience StarLab, so we make sure that you get the options you need to make it happen. Want to rent for a day they’ll never forget? No problem! We’ll ensure you have the tools you need to deliver the lessons that your fellow educators have carefully crafted.

Even better, an investment in a StarLab means curriculum for many subjects and grade levels that makes learning fun, year-round. Get the same education and entertainment of a field trip, right in your own facility or gym. Contact us today to explore the options available to you. Your students will thank you.

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The Coolest Teachers Have
The Biggest Screens

StarLab is an experience unlike any other your students have ever had. It’s professional-grade planetarium productions that let you teach multiple subjects in a way that will inspire and awe your students while they learn.

Each lesson is detailed in an instructor’s manual that makes planning and delivering the lessons a breeze. Since the curriculum was designed by teachers, for teachers, you’ll get all the support you really need without endless preparation.

Part of making it easy means compliance with all national standards, every lesson, every time.


Physical Geography


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