Digital StarLab Curriculum

Astronomy and More

A comprehensive user’s guide for StarLab and other planetaria.

SL-704: Astronomy and More
Astronomy and More is a collection of tried and true curriculum ideas from top StarLab Portable Planetarium users who have created exciting and interactive activities for kindergarten through grade 12, as well as specific curricula for each StarLab projection cylinder. These contributors are educators who not only love and believe in StarLab as an essential educational tool, but have years of proven experience using StarLab. Many of the activities can be easily applied to the classroom.

Astronomy and More includes a comprehensive table of contents and tab-divided sections to help you locate the information quickly and easily. Four main sections include StarLab Planetarium Set-up, Operation and Maintenance; K-6 Activities and Lessons; Grades 7-12 Activities and Lessons; Cylinder Guides.

“…there’s a lot in this book worth having… What sets [it] apart from normal books on myths is the activities sections. Each culture contains a set of activities related to that area. The book itself comes in a loose-leaf format, easy to handle and easy to copy needed pages for activities and enclosed handouts. Because this book was designed for use in the planetarium environment, LTI asked people known in the field for their expertise. Names such as Jeanne Bishop, Alan Gould, Gloria Rall, Doris Forror and Murray Barber were responsible for the varied myths and their follow-up activities. But don’t think you need a portable facility, or a planetarium at all, to get the most from this book. Many of the sections can be easily adapted for classroom use. You don’t teach astronomy? Use it in other disciplines. It will make an ideal addition or supplement to your history, geography, general science, or even art classes.”

– Francine Jackson, URI Planetarium and
Bryant College reviewer for The Planetarian, December 2000

Note: One electronic copy of Astronomy and More is included with a StarLab system purchase.

Did you know?

StarLab cylinders correlate to the national science education standards!

Correlation of Astronomy and More to the NRC National Science Education Standards Learn how StarLab lessons can help you fulfill your state and national science standards.

Download these easy-to-read, grade specific charts correlating the StarLab Cylinders (that are used with the Standard and FiberArc analog projectors) to the National Science Education Standards: